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F-Bomb is the BOMB!!!

Been using F-Bomb for several years now as my APC...and as a pre-soak for bugs & grime...have even used it as what I would call a "strip wash" works AMAZING & is so versatile!!


F-Bomb is the most versatile cleaner there is! The amount of uses it has in my shop is amazing. From interior to exterior to even cleaning my bathroom! This stuff is the best!

Breeze Glass Cleaner

Another great product from ADG. Just a awesome glass cleaner.

Definitely a time and product saver. Highly recommend. I am totally satisfied!!

ADG is the best.

Valor all the things :)

Great product- using as a top coat on my ceramic coated vehicles. All three of my vehicles have a diff. Mfg ceramic coating and they all look stunning thanks to ADG products.

Bug Decon Flip Microfiber Mesh Towels - (8"x8", 300 gsm) 3 pack

Definitely a badass Billy gun

I knew this was going to be a game changer when Billy demonstrated it on his group page, he does not promote things that are not legit and I will tell you this is fantastic. Received it and immediately gave it a try. It does need to be fine tuned but when you have it set right it works amazingly well. I primarily use it for tire dressing like Billy recommended but I’m sure it would be great for other applications as well. It has a very controlled spray pattern so it’s easy to use without fear of overspray. I’ve used this on several sets of tires but I can tell you it’s fantastic for larger truck tires where a typical application is very difficult. I do plan on purchasing a few more and experimenting with other products and uses for it.

This spray gun is amazing!

If you like tire shine, this will speed up your process. It took me 17 seconds for an even coverage on my tire. It uses less product and no overspray. I highly recommend it!

Really nice easy to apply product

F-Bomb works.

F Bomb is a great all purpose cleaner. Like everything that ADG sells it simply works great.

Breeze is it!!

Absolute greatness in a bottle!! This is the second full case I have bought, due to using it every day. Not really much to be said besides, it works, and it works great! Great customer service, phenomenal products! You can’t go wrong!


Yes finally a product line that’s made for the applicator. I really can’t find any thing bad to say just that I need more of it. Very versatile products, for multiple uses that can be applied many ways. From the passionate weekend guy to the professional detailer you can’t go wrong. this line ADG gets it done right.

Green wipeout

Works great and love the mint smell

A chemical that truly WORKS!

F-Bomb is amazing! I love this stuff and all the ways it can be used. I presoak with it and the bugs, road grime and even brake dust will melt right away! This will be a staple for me now!!

My favorite detailing products

this foaming fusion does excellent work


The absolute best

Best window cleaner ever

Finally found a window cleaner that works without me having to go back and reckons a couple of times. This stuff is fantastic. No streaking, even on warm windows in the sun. Trust me - buy a bottle.

Very impressive.

I own MANY rinseless washes. This one is VERY impressive. Tons of gloss, seems to be keeping dust off my car well afterwards. Huge win.

ignite is a ceramic coating in a bottle

I'm new with Ignite but it goes on easy comes off clean and protects your car with a beautiful glossy shine

Wipeout is the best rinseless car wash!!!

Easy to apply and take off always leaving your vehicle with a bright clean shine every time...

Weekend car detailer

I have two cars that I had ceramic coated and this product really helps prolong that coating. It’s really amazing stuff.


I wouldn’t want to be caught using anything else.
Outstanding product !

Embroidered hat

Outstanding, keeps my coconut warm.

F-Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner Gallon
Nick from Arcane Sanctuary
F Bomb is amazing

Great product make the Bizzle with the wipe out and cleans my boat faster than anything else and way better.

The Best Products Anywhere

This towel works great. I have a few of them but wanted another for my semi! Highly recommend!!!

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