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American Detailer Garage

Breeze Ready To Use Glass, & Mirror Cleaner

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American Detailer Garage Breeze

Cleaning windows, and mirrors can be a struggle trying to achieve that “perfect clarity” without streaks, smears , and towel lint.
Traditional glass cleaners utilize alcohol, and solvents that create drag on glass surfaces , thus resulting in a multitude of frustrating issues.

American Detailer Garage Breeze relies on High quality Proprietary surfactants to clean glass surfaces.
By Creating a barrier of Emulsified polymers between the glass surface , and the wiping towel , friction is reduced to a point where wiping is minimal.
Thus solving the problem of the dreaded streaks,and smears.

The Unique Fast Flash formula of American Detailer Garage Breeze allows the product to dry , revealing perfectly cleaned glass WITHOUT ENDLESS WIPING!!!

FINALLY !! A Glass cleaner that works hard so you don’t have to.

American Detailer Garage Breeze is true to its name.
Cleaning glass, and windows has never been easier!!!

Added benefits:
• Keeps towels dryer longer (minimal saturation)

*Saves time with Fast Flash technology

• SO EASY anybody can clean glass like a pro.
• Safe for use on all Window Tint
• Safe for computer, phone, tablet, LCD screens.
• Perfect for bathroom mirrors , and TV screens.

Spray directly onto surface , or into a microfiber towel.
For best results start at the edges and work inward to reduce product pooling.
Flip towel to a dry side. Or use a second microfiber towel for final buff.

Breeze SDS Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stanley Tillinghast
Works surprisingly well

I compared it against Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity. Meguiar’s left a film; Breeze removed it, my wife couldn’t believe how well. Will continue to be using Breeze.

Nick from Arcane Sanctuary
Cleans very well

You may need to wipe it more than traditional cleaners but outcome is stellar. I used it on my tv, phone, eye glasses, mirrors, and sliding doors. Very impressed.

Fantastic Product

I bought this glass cleaner at SDC and I just tried it on a clients car WOW..... I have found my go to glass cleaner there are no streaks anywhere on the inside or out side of this car. Thanks Billy for all you do !

Rick Kolb

Fantastic product, I just purchased some a week ago and have been using it since. I will be checking out some other products as well!

Alex Russell
Best glass cleaner!!!

Breeze is the BEST glass cleaner I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all.