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Breeze Glass Cleaner

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American Detailer Garage Breeze

Cleaning windows, and mirrors can be a struggle trying to achieve that “perfect clarity” without streaks, smears , and towel lint.
Traditional glass cleaners utilize alcohol, and solvents that create drag on glass surfaces , thus resulting in a multitude of frustrating issues.

American Detailer Garage Breeze relies on High quality Proprietary surfactants to clean glass surfaces.
By Creating a barrier of Emulsified polymers between the glass surface , and the wiping towel , friction is reduced to a point where wiping is minimal.
Thus solving the problem of the dreaded streaks,and smears.

The Unique Fast Flash formula of American Detailer Garage Breeze allows the product to dry , revealing perfectly cleaned glass WITHOUT ENDLESS WIPING!!!

FINALLY !! A Glass cleaner that works hard so you don’t have to.

American Detailer Garage Breeze is true to its name.
Cleaning glass, and windows has never been easier!!!

Added benefits:
• Keeps towels dryer longer (minimal saturation)

*Saves time with Fast Flash technology

• SO EASY anybody can clean glass like a pro.
• Safe for use on all Window Tint
• Safe for computer, phone, tablet, LCD screens.
• Perfect for bathroom mirrors , and TV screens.

Spray directly onto surface , or into a microfiber towel.
For best results start at the edges and work inward to reduce product pooling.
Flip towel to a dry side. Or use a second microfiber towel for final buff.

Breeze SDS Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nick from Arcane Sanctuary
Cleans very well

You may need to wipe it more than traditional cleaners but outcome is stellar. I used it on my tv, phone, eye glasses, mirrors, and sliding doors. Very impressed.

Steve Barlow
Fantastic Product

I bought this glass cleaner at SDC and I just tried it on a clients car WOW..... I have found my go to glass cleaner there are no streaks anywhere on the inside or out side of this car. Thanks Billy for all you do !

Rick Kolb

Fantastic product, I just purchased some a week ago and have been using it since. I will be checking out some other products as well!

Alex Russell
Best glass cleaner!!!

Breeze is the BEST glass cleaner I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all.

J C Josh Campbell
Top notch glass cleaner

Love the entire ADG line and this is no different. Love the simplicity and ease of this window cleaner best I've used.