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F-Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner Gallon


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F Bomb


F Bomb is a highly concentrated multi purpose cleaner that can be used for a variety of  applications. 

The soap based formula gives it the versatility to clean everything from  Engines & Tires to interior surfaces, and even finished leather!

Use F Bomb on paint as a presoak to remove stubborn dirt & buildup. 


Recommended dilution ratios. 

1:4 for the dirtiest tires & Engines 

1:10 for heavily soiled interiors, paint presoak, and bug removal

1:20 for leather & light stains

2:128 for smoke & tar removal on windows 




American Detailer Garage LLC cannot be held liable for any damages caused by misuse or unrecommended use of their products.



Keep away from children

If consumed , dial 911 immediately 



American Detailer Garage LLC

Brandenburg,KY.  USA

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What is American Detailer Garage?

F Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be used in a variety of ratios to clean practically every area of your car. It cleans engines, tires, leather and heavily soiled interiors, removes bug guts, lifts stains, rids your windows of smoke and tar and can even be used as a paint presoak.

American Detailer Garage seeks to provide Automotive Detailers with products that improve efficiency, as well as profitability. Each product is designed to provide the end user with simplicity of use. We are confident that our products can, and will provide you with the best results when used correctly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah Ryals
F bomb is the bomb

Great all purpose cleaner that can be used for everything. Do yourself a favor and get the gallon or 5 gallon.

Jacob Kledzik
F-bomb is money!

If you don’t like to simplify your process and make money then F-Bomb is not for you. Chemical works fantastic as advertised and the ability to dilute to specific needs as well as work together with other ADG chemicals makes it a must have in any detailing business lineup! Versatility = profit!

Michael Albeser
Great customer service

The service is next level they never let me down. They treat everyone the same whether your a high volume or just a weekend detailer!! Will order again for sure

Jon Cline
F-Bomb for the win!!!

My family actually owns a chemical manufacturing plant that manufactures all types of chemicals including all types of chemicals for the detail industry and even with all the amazing options that I have to choose from and use, I STILL purchase F-Bomb to use at our detail shops at our dealerships! Some products are just great ALL AROUND and great to use on just about ANYTHING, and this is by far one of those products! Everybody always has a "go to" product that they use for mostly everything and I have to say that you will 100% be adding this to your arsenal whether it's detailing vehicles, janitorial use, office use, or around the house use, this product right here is the one for the job! Some of the main applications we use it for is spraying down leather seats then taking a DeWalt drill with a brush attachment and giving the leather a good deep cleaning without harming or discoloring any leather, we also spray it on microfiber towels and then rub fingerprints/stains on headliners, we also love using it on upholstery seats and carpets too by spraying it on the stain and drilling it out with our brush attachment then followed up with the carpet extractor to extract the surface dirt and stains that the F-Bomb broke/agitated loose! Another thing I love about F-Bomb is how concentrated it is and the fact that I know I am going to have MULTIPLE uses out of only one gallon of the concentrated F-Bomb! I also found out that the owner is a United States Marine Veteran so thank you Mr. Billy Baugus for your dedication to our country and also a big thank you for your dedication to the detail industry as well! My hat goes off to you sir for the amazing job you are doing with this company and for all of these amazing products you have shared with us all! You'll always have my business sir! Thank you!