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F-Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner Gallon


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F Bomb


F Bomb is a highly concentrated multi purpose cleaner that can be used for a variety of  applications. 

The soap based formula gives it the versatility to clean everything from  Engines & Tires to interior surfaces, and even finished leather!

Use F Bomb on paint as a presoak to remove stubborn dirt & buildup. 


Recommended dilution ratios. 

1:4 for the dirtiest tires & Engines 

1:10 for heavily soiled interiors, paint presoak, and bug removal

1:20 for leather & light stains

2:128 for smoke & tar removal on windows 




American Detailer Garage LLC cannot be held liable for any damages caused by misuse or unrecommended use of their products.



Keep away from children

If consumed , dial 911 immediately 



American Detailer Garage LLC

Brandenburg,KY.  USA

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What is American Detailer Garage?

F Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be used in a variety of ratios to clean practically every area of your car. It cleans engines, tires, leather and heavily soiled interiors, removes bug guts, lifts stains, rids your windows of smoke and tar and can even be used as a paint presoak.

American Detailer Garage seeks to provide Automotive Detailers with products that improve efficiency, as well as profitability. Each product is designed to provide the end user with simplicity of use. We are confident that our products can, and will provide you with the best results when used correctly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rod Tominovich
F Bomb

I can’t say enough about this product, I use it everyday in my shop. It works great on interiors and has many other uses including engines and paint prep.Give it a try when you can.

Taiton Trout

F-Bomb is the most versatile cleaner there is! The amount of uses it has in my shop is amazing. From interior to exterior to even cleaning my bathroom! This stuff is the best!

robert herndon
F-Bomb works.

F Bomb is a great all purpose cleaner. Like everything that ADG sells it simply works great.

Aaron Locke
A chemical that truly WORKS!

F-Bomb is amazing! I love this stuff and all the ways it can be used. I presoak with it and the bugs, road grime and even brake dust will melt right away! This will be a staple for me now!!

Kevin Atwell

The absolute best