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American Detailer Garage

Fuzion Foaming Concentrate

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Wipeout Fuzion blends modern chemistry to create a wash solution that is ideal as a traditional wash soap, or as a Rinse Free wash option. This unique product relies on special lubricating polymers blended with surface surfactants to offer users a variety of options for the wash process.

TRADITIONAL WASHING: During this wash process, the user can rinse the surface off with a water source before drying.

RINSE FREE WASHING: During this wash process, users can clean the surface without the need for a rinsing step. Simply wipe clean, then dry the surface one section at a time using a dedicated foaming sprayer will allow for maximum foaming capabilities. Ideal for maintaining ceramic coated vehicles.

Dilution Ratios:

Rinse Free wash 128:1

Quick detailer 20:1

Glass cleaner 20:1

Exterior Pre soak 20:1

Foam cannon. Full Strength (no dilution)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Juan Guillen

As a pro Detailer this is my go to💯
Especially on ceramic coating maintenance . Awesome stuff

Larry Vasquez

Love it nice foaming action

Ron DePasquale
Best Wash Ever

Excellent product. Used with foam cannon and Valor as a drying aid after. No water spots, no-rinse, easy peasy. Great sparkle. Highly recommend.

Joseph Van Seeters
This rinseless wash is like MAGIC!

Other than the fact you have to use more product than it's cousin...WIPEOUT....this stuff is like magic. It gives you the sense it's doing a little "more" than traditional rinseless washes somehow with the foaming action. It smells absolutely incredible. And the great thing is if you use it in your garage, the smell will actually linger in there for an hour or two after you're done. It's a fantastic "pre-wash" for rinseless washing. It also does a great job on rims when you a foam sprayer or foam cannon. If you use it straight in a foam cannon, you'll get some really good foam. BUY THIS BY THE GALLON. I assure you, you will NOT regret it. Plus, having to use more product than traditional rinseless washes, it just makes sense buying the gallon. It's also a much better deal for the gallon size. If you are a rinseless wash fan, this one is a MUST. It's a very versatile product. I think it has more cleaning ability than WIPEOUT so it's a great product for using as a quick wipe down on the interior. Just get a towel soaked with the product (then wring it out) when you do your initial mix and either do the interior wipe down FIRST, or, set that microfiber or two aside for use at the end. It's up to you. But it works GREAT for that application and because of the surfactant in the mix, it does a great job on interiors. One of my favorite rinseless washes. Everything that American Detailer Garage makes is TOP NOTCH!! I love all their products. Their products introduced me to rinseless washing and I will by a loyal customer forever!

Chris Medlin