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American Detailer Garage

F-Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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F Bomb


F Bomb is a highly concentrated multi purpose cleaner that can be used for a variety of  applications. 

The soap based formula gives it the versatility to clean everything from engines & tires to interior surfaces and even coated leather!

Use F Bomb on paint as a presoak to remove stubborn dirt & buildup. 


Recommended dilution ratios. 

1:4 for the dirtiest tires & Engines 

1:10 for heavily soiled interiors, paint presoak, and bug removal

1:20 for leather & light stains

F-Bomb SDS Sheet


American Detailer Garage LLC cannot be held liable for any damages caused by misuse or unrecommended use of their products.



Keep away from children

If consumed , dial 911 immediately 



American Detailer Garage LLC

Brandenburg,KY.  USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah Ryals
Great product

Love it used it on rust stain on running board and stain on carpet came clean without hardly any work

Wyatt Robinson
It is the BOMB

Great stuff, will be in the Arsenal moving forward.

Christopher Larson
F-Bomb is my favorite

Great product!


Try F-bomb via foaming, we had a lot of bee poop and it work well. But not sure the right mix amount for the 12oz foaming bottle.

Jon Cline
F-Bomb (Nectar from the Gods!!)

LOVE THIS STUFF!! This product has saved us on many different occasions when other products have came up short! Works great on just about anything you can imagine! I highly highly recommend this product for cleaning the interior of a vehicle. Especially for getting stains out of upholstery or carpet! We also spray three or four shots on a rag and use it to rub finger prints and stains out of the headliner too when our foam cleaners are just not strong enough to get the job done! Great versatile product that is a great weapon to add to your arsenal!!