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Shield Interior Surface Protective Coating


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Interior Surface protective coating

American Detailer Garage SHIELD is a premium water based interior protectant.

This product protects interiors from harmful UV rays that lead to premature discoloration, cracking , and fading.

The anti-static properties of ADG SHIELD repels dust, water,body oils, stains, and various other soils.

ADG shield is more that just an interior dressing. It penetrates into the pores of the surface , forming a coat of long lasting protection.

It is the perfect accent to top off any interior detail. It provides a true matte finish look to Vinyl, rubber, plastics,and leather.

Feel the difference!!

Once ADG shield is applied, there will be a noticeable difference in the surface tension assuring you that the surface is protected.

Directions for use :
ADG SHIELD can be sprayed directly onto the surface, or sprayed into a microfiber towel, when applied.

Avoid spraying directly to LCD screens, and other sensitive electronics.

Shield SDS Sheet

More than just a coating, American Detailer Garage Shield instead penetrates deep into the surface to form long lasting protection. American Detailer Garage Shield is safe to use on vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather, providing a noticeable matte finish.

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What is American Detailer Garage?

American Detailer Garage seeks to provide Automotive Detailers with products that improve efficiency, as well as profitability. Each product is designed to provide the end user with simplicity of use. We are confident that our products can, and will provide you with the best results when used correctly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ryan Freeburg
Superior product

Shield is one of the rare finds that when use it you’ll understand. It does precisely what Billy says it will do, smells amazing, protects like crazy and leaves a perfect sheen behind. Be prepared for happy clients!

Brian Pricer
ADG Shield!!

Another great product from ADG that I use consistently...its a perfect little upsell that gives great results & smells amazing!! Thank You Beth & Billy for providing products that produce results!!

Aaron Locke

I absolutely love this stuff! Applies well and smells great! I use it a lot with having rental cars and it makes it a lot easier to keep interiors clean between renters! Order by the gallon!!

Mike Butts
The perfect finishing touch

Only interior protection I’ll ever use! I spray this with Hvlp gun or hand apply. Huge time saver, low shine, and absolutely smells amazing!!!

This product does hide lighter blemishes and defects!!!

Trey Totman

Shield Interior Surface Protective Coating