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Unity Tire & Trim Conditioner


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TIRE & Trim conditioner

American Detailer Garage Unity Tire & Trim conditioner is a premium water based , tire & trim conditioner engineered to provide long lasting protection against damaging U.V. rays.

American Detailer Garage Unity TIRE & Trim conditioner is developed using advanced additives that nourish, and moisturize both rubber, and plastics.

Unlike inferior tire dressings, American Detailer Garage Unity Tire & Trim conditioner helps keep tires looking healthy over time , which also makes follow up cleanings much easier, and faster!!

American Detailer Garage Unity Tire & Trim conditioner leaves a long lasting deep shine , and most importantly , NO MESSY SLING !!!

Added benefits:
Doesn’t collect dust
repels water
won’t turn tires Brown
Keeps tires cleaner longer

Unity SDS Sheet

For best results , clean tire thoroughly using American Detailer Garage F Bomb.

Apply unity to an applicator, and wipe onto the surface.

Allow to dry for 30 minutes before driving.

For added gloss, apply multiple coats to achieve desired shine.

*Avoid applying to pedal controls or clear plastic instrument panels.

Unity is a conditioner engineered to provide long lasting protection. Developed using advanced additives, American Detailer Garage Unity nourishes and moisturizes rubber and plastic. as well as keeping tires looking healthy with a long-lasting deep shine.

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What is American Detailer Garage?

American Detailer Garage seeks to provide Automotive Detailers with products that improve efficiency, as well as profitability. Each product is designed to provide the end user with simplicity of use. We are confident that our products can, and will provide you with the best results when used correctly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

One of the best tire dressings I’ve ever used. Another home run for American Detailer Garage

Josh Rasmussen

Unity Tire & Trim Conditioner

Mike Butts
Best Tire Shine with BBG Gun

This is an amazing product!! No sling, high shine and last for weeks!!!! Super easy to apply by hand and with the BBG gun. Oh and it smells amazing!!!

James Souza
Breeze Ignite Unity

Recently purchased these products and absolutely love them. Makes my job so much easier and will continue to purchase them.

Ben Haney
Top Tier Dressing

The Unity tire and trim dressing is an excellent product. It goes on smooth and gives a deep slightly glossy look. For more gloss add a layer or 2. It won’t sling and lasts a good amount of time. Definitely a must have product in your detailing arsenal!